AFFI - Association Francaise de Finance (French Finance Association)

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The "Association Française de Finance" (AFFI) (French Finance association) was created with the view to forming a group of research, teaching professionals and practitioners interested in financial management, financial theory and its applications, in accordance with its Articles of Association.

Since the 18th of January 1979, it has been managed by a board of directors comprising nineteen university professors, lecturers, researchers and professionals (see the enclosed list).

The association has nowadays more than 550 members and is firmly supported by numbers of academic and financial institutions.

The aims of the Association are (Article 2 of the Articles of Association):

  • to develop communication and exchange among its members in order to contribute to the advancement of science and financial management,
  • to contribute to improvement of the quality of teaching and the practice of financial management,
  • to encourage, support and publish financial research,

  • to promote the national and international reputation of teachers and researchers in the area of finance,
  • to encourage sharing of knowledge between France and other countries.

The association's activities include the following (Article 5 of the Articles of Association):

  • conferences, symposiums, work groups and notably the annual conference,
  • activities run by the officers and members of the association within the framework of the Articles of Association,
  • publications and bulletins that it adopts as information dissemination media,
  • assistance and support for research in finance.